The Life of the Buddha

A BBC/Discovery Channel co-production, this docunarrative film describes the life of Siddharta Gautama, the process by which he arrived at the fundamentals of Buddhism, the archeological findings confirming the traditional account of his life and gives a glimpse of Buddhism today, featuring among others the Dalai Lama.

50 minutes long. Enjoy it!

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  1. Life of Buddha
    Grate documentary, however I feel there are number of sites in India related to the life of Buddha which is not yet explored. Many of them are occupied by follower of others religion. Many are destroyed.
    Recently I visited Hyderabad and few unexplored Buddhist places like Bavikonda
    Thotlakonda, Narshimakonda, Bojjanakonda, Pavuralakonda….lot of information is still remained unraveled here and there are hundreds of such places all over India to be explore.
    Dr.Shailesh Dhoke